Tuesday 21 July 2009

Your Quaker Smalls - Biscornu from Jenet

Your Quaker smalls projects are so lovely - I shall set up a special gallery for them later this week. It is really ingenuous the way you are working with your Mary Wigham charts to produce so many charming new items for yourself. Here is a delightful biscornu project from Jenet. She has worked it on the same 32ct lambswool, taking two of the motifs which happened to be the same size, a medallion and a floral one (the floral one had to be modified a bit to make it symmetrical). Jenet says: In the corners on the floral side I used motifs that occur in the sampler. I did the same on the medallion side. Part 7 had not been published when I started, if it had I would probably have used the similar medallion with no changes. The colours used are the ones recommended.