Thursday 2 July 2009

Mary Wigham Part 5 is ready for you - please pause to read a moment

You are now about to cross the half-way line on your Mary Wigham SAL journey, this is week 5 and the main item in this instalment is Mary's name. On the real sampler Mary worked over 2 and worked her name over 1. Now I know that some of you are working the main sampler over 1, so you need a design variation to enable you to stitch Mary's name in proportion to the rest of the sampler. AND it may be that there are some who are stitching over 2 and feel daunted by some over 1 stitching and would feel more comfortable stitching Mary's name over 2 also. You need to choose the chart marked - PART 5 OVER 1 OR 2 NAME OVER SAME. If you are stitching the main sampler over 2 and wish to stitch the name over 1 then you need to choose the chart marked - PART 5 OVER 2 NAME OVER 1. It would make my web host happier if you didn't download both. The instructions are now a separate document and you can download singly the instalments you require.
You might see from snap (not colour matched) of Mary's name that one or two stitches are missing or awkward, it is good to know that you are not the only one who struggles with over 1 stitching, isn't it? I hope to have a download about Mary available soon, but there is some interesting research going on and it is not quite tied up yet.
Click here or on the Mary Wigham Forever SAL image for your latest download.

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