Wednesday 15 July 2009

Icco-san's Mary Wigham

I know Icco-san's palette of browns is another favourite of yours and here you can see how beautifully this work is growing. Here are the DMC threads Icco-san has used: birds and the date: no.841; leaves and the area between the double frame: no.3033; over 1 letters: no.3031.
We are still wondering how the Ackworth Schoolgirls came by their silk threads, since they really did not have very much money and their families were 'not in affluence'. Did they pool their 'spice' money (see below) or were the silks gifts from prosperous Friends who came along to inspect the school from time to time? Ackworth School admits of 300 (180 boys and 120 girls). They are paid for, at their entrance, by a bill of admittance of 8 guineas value (£8.40); for which they are provided with board (meals and accommodation), learning, clothing, and other necessaries, for one year; four shillings and four pence (22 new pence) are also deposited, as an allowance of one (old) penny per week for pocket money (sometimes called 'spice' money - 'spice' is the Yorkshire word for sweeties or bonbons). Sarah Grubb - 5th of First Month 1786.