Thursday 23 July 2009

Downloads for your Basket Project

The first version of the basket we have put together is card based like the original. The second version for stitching will come later. If you make this card one first then you will understand better how the stitched one will work. Page 1 of the project is ready to download. This is two panel faces of your basket. The basket has 12 panel faces in total - 6 inside and 6 outside. You can print out the first page on thin card, or fabric or paper and stick either on thin card. At this stage you may want to tea bag, or bake the images. Don't worry if your first try goes wrong, you can always print out another copy - this is the beauty of the project - it is all forgiving! When you have your panel faces looking as you like, cut them out and backstitch bias tape, the colour of your choice, along all edges except the upper side of each one. They are separate pieces so they need to be edged individually and not joined in any way. Tips: You will have to fold the tape when you come to stitch each corner. Iron your bias tape or ribbon in half and use a little light glue to help you manage it while you stitch. The upper side will be edged together with all the upper sides as a later stage so it does not matter that the edges you leave for now are not finished, they will be hidden later. You can email me with questions. A big favour please - please, please download once and make copies on your machine rather than redownloading from the web-host - otherwise we shall go into the dark with bandwith problems. Click here for Page 1 of your basket project. Please send me images of what you have completed so I know when to load the next page for you.


  1. This is beautiful, I am going to give it a try! Thank you for sharing it with everyone! I can send a picture when I have it done, or do you prefer we wait till the whole thing is finished?
    Margaret B
    p.s. I have emailed you before, it is under my old name, Womacks

  2. Brilliant! It would be wonderful to see some work in progress, please - it is such a great motivator for us all...

  3. I'm also joining - it sounds like fun project!