Sunday 26 July 2009

What are Editable Formats for Needleprint charts?

We have been listening carefully to Needleprint chart users for a number of years. Our charts are printed very responsibly using card from recycled products and environmentally safe inks. You told us you would like to keep your lovely charts pristine and have working copies. With downloadable files, you can print pages as many times as you want from your own computer. Spilled coffee is no longer a disaster. You can work directly from your computer screen, enlarging the working image to a size comfortable for you. I have had emails from stitchers with limited vision and they say this is marvellous for them.
Now, we have advanced further by also releasing editable formats for you. Having watched how you were customizing your Mary Wigham samplers, I thought it would make life a whole lot more exciting for you, if you could take a chart and, on your own computer, try out different colour combinations, change motifs, include different initials etc to make the sampler your very own - and see how it looked before committing to the purchase of threads and fabric. Not only that, but you can take motifs you like and create totally new designs for yourself, for new samplers or smalls. The use of individual motifs in your own design creations are copyright free - all we ask is that you don't copy for sale existing Museum samplers.
You can now buy the entire library of Ackworth School motifs in editable format.
BUT - To read or make use of these files you must have a copy of either Jane Greenhoff's Cross Stitch Designer or Cross Stitch Designer Gold. If you are having trouble finding this software just email me and I will help you.
We shall be using this software platform to release more libraries of motifs for you very soon, so it is worth the investment. I wouldn't recommend this to you simply as a sales gimmick, or if I hadn't been using the software for all our publishing for 6 years. I truly believe this will seriously release your creativity and enhance your stitching pleasures.


  1. I just wanted to ask for the Japanese readers- has the Cross Stitch Designer software been confirmed to work in Japanese Mac or Windows environment? Or do we have to experiment?

  2. Jacqueline, I have the PCStitch Pro 9. They are not compatible, are they. The other day I bought and downloaded the Ackworth School motifs, but haven't tried to import it yet to PCStitch.

  3. I'll check out the compatibility for Japanese stitchers, Saho. Unfortunately, I don't think these Cross Stitch programs talk to each other.

  4. This is a great collection of little motifs! I love it! Perfect for small ornaments, housewarming gifts, and such.

    Though I suppose it's almost "sacreligious," (!!!) I like to adapt them for surface embroidery, too (uncounted...). Some of the designs work out great for that!

  5. The motifs were intended for I think anything is permitted. I am so pleased you love the motifs - if you do use them for surface stitching please could you send me a picture, it would be lovely to see.

  6. Like Cristina, I have PCStitch Pro 9 (and PCStitch 7). Both versions of PCStitch use the PAT file format. Do PCStitch and Cross Stitch Designer use compatible file formats?