Wednesday 8 July 2009

Beauties from the Heritage Silk Museum in Macclesfield

I have some lovely images for the Heritage Silk Museum to show you, but they are very special rich pudding indeed, so I shall show you them throughout this week. This first example (Silk Museum Acc No. 2004.145) is a Leek Embroidery 'kit' showing a detail of William Morris' Indian Poppy design. It was sold through Libertys in London. We have been lately admiring the wonderful palettes of colour you are using on Mary Wigham, so the colour palette here will, I think, please you. Colour was very much talked about at the day-school event I spoke at the Museum on Saturday. It was interesting to hear that Kaffe Fasset gave up on traditional colour wheel training and just responded to colour as he progressed in the making of whatever he had in hand. It reminded me of the days when I learned to bead at Libertys in London. You are faced such with a panic-inducing, infinite variety of colour and texture. But my excellent teacher said, just tip the beads together, moisten the tip of your finger and see what you come up with. Then continue to work by responding to what you already have in place. This is now such an ingrained philosophy for me, that I use it for everything - even cooking - and the family still comes to dinner! You can download a Needleprint Focus on Museums for Macclesfield - just click here.