Sunday 12 July 2009

The Mary Wighams are growing up nicely!

It is such a pleasure after seeing so many Mary Wighams in their infancy, to see them now growing up gracefully, each having their own character. I have not seen two identical Mary Wighams so far - even those that have adhered to the original colour palette. Every single stitcher has a clear will and presence of her own and has formed a unique Mary Wigham. This is how Sue-san's is developing. Again the order of stitching for each Mary has taken its own individual path. We fantasized a little time ago, if you were Mary, without a pattern chart, where you would start your sampler. Many of you replied you would begin in the centre. How would you then go about the task of enclosing the centre with a well balanced arrangement of half motifs and medallions to provide a fairly even frame near the edge of your linen - given that you do not have a pattern book....? Do you think that some or all of the initial sets were left until last? It looks like Sue-san is leaving her initials out to come back to them later.


  1. Aren't they ALL just beautiful!?? I like to think that Mary would have loved them all :)

    I don't see how it would be possible to start this kind of sampler from the center but there are smarter stitchers than me...LOL

    Since I have "mature" eyes I had to do mine on 28 ct., 2 over 2 so you can imagine how large it is!! What I've decided to do is stitch each section individually and then frame them in nine frames. I have a very large wall that I can hang them and by stitching them in sections I am not getting bored or discouraged that nothing is getting "finished".

    Can't wait to see more photos. :)

  2. I'm really enjoying all the different versions! And thanks for the history you're giving us too, it's fascinating.