Thursday 23 July 2009

Some new Quaker Motifs from Catherine

Catherine has already stitched part 8 of Mary Wigham - she stitched 8 metres in 2 days....but I thought I would show you a previous version of her work in progress. That way we can concentrate more on some new additions to the repertoire of motifs. Can you spot them?
Gone is the flying turtle, replaced by a more aerodynamic bird; two interesting motifs each side of the squirrel; and looking again at the squirrel, has it or hasn't had a little cosmetic surgery around its proboscis? I have a feeling Catherine will continue to add a smattering here and there even when the sampler is technically complete. And is that what Mary did, because there are points of collision of motifs on the original, which I am sure you have noticed by now. Little afterthoughts. Now why was that?


  1. This is just gorgeous! I love all the individuality of these samplers! I think Mary would like them, too!

  2. Un grand merci d'avoir mis mon marquoir à l'honneur. Catherine 59

  3. I am picturing little girls, about to leave the school for the last time...friends are parting, hugs exchanged. Maybe Samplers were passed around, with the girls stitching their initials on each others cloths, as a remembrance of school girl friendships?