Tuesday 21 July 2009

Quaker Motifs

I don't know if this will help you with designing your smalls or new samplers to stitch - but I can make available the entire repertoire of authentic Quaker motifs in a format that you can use directly in a charting program by Jane Greenoff. This will enable you to cut and paste medallions straight onto a chart, move them around where you want them, edit them, recolour them and then print them out together with pattern information and a thread shopping list. You will need the Jane Greenoff software to make it work - either Cross Stitch Designer or Cross Stitch Designer Gold - which you can buy direct from the Cross Stitch Guild or Amazon. The price for the Quaker Motifs Set download is $30 but if you have already bought the Ackworth School Pattern Book in .pdf format, or buy the Pattern Book now then you can buy The Quaker Motifs Set for $15 - just let me know the date you bought your Pattern Book .pdf download and I will send you an invoice for half the normal price. If you like this idea then we shall start to release libraries of motifs in this form which is easy for you to use.Click here if you just want the Quaker Motifs Set. Click here for the Ackworth School Pattern Book .pdf. Click here to buy Jane Greenoff's Cross-Stitch Designer Gold.


  1. Jacqueline,

    That just sounds like a winner of an idea!!!

    Wendy Sheppard

  2. Oh, I think this is VERY exciting ! What a lovely idea !!

    My hubby has put my stitching spending on umm "vacation" till the end of the month, but Aug 1st I am so there !

    .... Just shhhhhh no one tell him about the threads I bought today for Miss Mary Wigham. Hehe ( I don't mean to be bad, but it would be such a shame if Mary didn't have enough thread !)

  3. I've been trying to decide about the Ackworth School Pattern book. Now it's decision made.

    I don't need any more patterns, but since when did that stop us, and I already have the it's a no brainer. Isn't it?

  4. Wow!!! What a terrific idea!! I'm retired so I have to wait for "payday" on the 1st, but that will give me time to decide which way to go with the downloads :) Just think of it...being able to design your own Ackworth sampler!!! The possibilities are endless. Thanks!!

  5. Does anyone have experience with this software (Jane Greenoff's Cross-Stitch Designer Gold)? I've found rather mixed reviews. I already have PCStitch 7; how does it compare? Is it not possible to use the motifs with any other stitch software? I have already purchased the Pattern Book thinking I would like to create a Quaker-style sampler for my Monthly Meeting.

    Interested, but not sure.

  6. We use Cross-Stitch Designer Gold for all our publications and find it is a super solution for our needs plus it is very economical. I don't scan in from photographs, so that is an area where I can't compare. Unfortunately, none of these charting software programs talk to each other. But as you already have charting software, then you can simply input the motifs from the pattern book and then manipulate them and colour them to your heart's content. I shall look forward to seeing your lovely design when you are finished.

  7. I've ordered the Pattern Book and would like to order the Quaker Motifs how do I let you know?

  8. Just email me at and I'll set up the Motif download for you.