Friday 24 July 2009

A visit to Lily and Rosemary, her Grandmother, in Idaho - and Emily too!

This will be a very special visit because over the years Lily and her older sister, Emily, and their grandmother, Rosemary, have shared many interesting summers. For example, seven years ago they began a museum – the granddaughters named it the Forest and Field Museum, made a banner for it, and had a Grand Opening. It was chock full of interesting exhibits including bird nests, rock specimens, pressed flowers, Native American artifacts, and 'our own sad little attempts to make pine needle baskets'. Another summer Rosemary taught the girls to cook and they served formal meals once a week for family members. The favorite meal that summer was the Harry Potter dinner complete with homemade, painted fabric , napkins sporting different characters from the books. Needless to say, Rosemary is the most blessed grandmother in the world. In recent years, Lily has won 1st place awards at the local county fair – her grandmother says that her needlework is truly lovely. Rosemary says that the Mary Wigham sampler has a particular resonance for her. She is descended from English, Irish, and Welsh Quakers, who emigrated in the 1660s to Pennsylvania. Dear Lily and Rosemary, not forgetting Emily, we have on our best bib and tuckers and are heading your way to join you in your stitching. Just start the music on the music box! Can you hear us singing?


  1. Love your story, your photo set up, and your Mary sampler!

  2. ohhhh ny god! it's wonderful !!i'm dreaming whit my eyes open!!
    how j want live in a place same this in Idaho!
    i have an ancien soul! and romantic and dreamer!
    you are very luckies!
    i'm also sttching the MARY WIGHAM sampler ! :-)
    Manu from Italy