Thursday 30 July 2009

Historic Costumes and Furnishings at Tatton Hall until 16 August

As part of the 3 Shires Festival, there is a textile exhibition at the Mansion at Tatton Park in Cheshire. Click here for more details. The Mansion is a remodelling of an earlier house, and was built on classical lines between 1780-1813. However, walk around and you will find that Tatton Park, seat of the Egerton family since 1598 when it was purchased by Sir Thomas, Lord Chancellor of England, echoes still with its 15th and 16th century history. The old hall still exists with its ghosts, as do the humps and hollows which once were the house foundations and roads of the disappeared village of Tatton. Often entire villages were removed from land when 'emparkment' took place during the 18th century - the landscaping of grounds along classical lines which frowned upon the vista of dilapidated rural dwellings. Here you can see the embroidered Red Lion Rampant of the Egerton family. Plan a weekend in Cheshire then you can also visit the nearby Silk Museum at Macclesfield and the award winning Wedgwood Museum. And don't forget - take your stitching with you!

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  1. Tatton Park is only a few miles from here and I had no idea this was on!