Thursday 9 July 2009

Pop-up, Refresh and Let Yourself Go!

Some of you were kind enough to take time to tell me yesterday about the frustrations you were having with your downloads. While we have something like 2,500 downloads a week that don't have problems, I realise that there might be people who are having a hard time and feeling they don't want to make a fuss. So, here are 3 helpful hints put together by Robbin, Connie and other friends:
1. Always download from this site unless your Head Girl has authorisation to provide you with the download.
2. Pop-up - the Tilt Viewer opens a new page for your download chart - if you have pop-ups blocked, it won't open. Go to the top right of your screen where you see Tools, expand the menu and turn off the Pop-Up blocker.
3. Refresh - some machines are set simply to restore a file that has been read - it saves time downloading and so you may see an old version of a Tilt Viewer. Simply press your F5 button and it will force your computer to read the file anew. If you do this with the other galleries, you may feel it is Christmas!
Doesn't it feel better getting all that off our chests - let's turn on the music box, pop up, refresh and let ourselves go with Fred!


  1. Thank you so much for the tips! I was getting very frustrated and was considering emailing you today to see if you could figure out what I was doing wrong.

    After turning off the pop-up blocker and refreshing the page I can now download. But I had to figure out where to click on the reverse side of the Tilt Viewer image. For some reason I'm not seeing any text on that side, but there is a small white rectangle in the lower left corner. If I click on that I can download the pdf.

    I'm using Firefox on my Mac, so perhaps there's something incompatible with Tilt Viewer that keeps me from seeing the actual link? At any rate, I can get the files downloaded which is what counts. :)

  2. I am glad you are smiling after all that kerfuffle, Beth. I think there might almost be as many PC platform variations as Mary Wighams. Your comments will be very useful to others in the same position, thank you.
    But did you do the tap-dancing after?

  3. Sorry, no tap dancing, I hope I won't be penalized for that failure! :) Musn't fall and break a stitching finger!