Monday 13 July 2009

Taking Mary Wigham on Holiday

Some stitchers have been waiting for their holidays before they start to stitch Mary. Here is a Couson's wonderful view of the Baie des Anges in Nice and she has everything ready to start. (The graffitti is digital!) For 68 years the children attending Ackworth School never had a holiday from school. Children were 4, 5 or sometimes 7 years away from home. Then in 1847, an annual summer holiday was allowed. An unknown spectator writes: Who but those who witnessed the animated departure (for vacation), can picture its thrilling and overpowering character? Situated several miles from the nearest railway station, it was needful to call into requisition all the vehicles at disposal; and 5 large tilted wagons, fitted up for the occasion, each containing 30 or 40 light-hearted children, made more than one trip each to one or more of the neighbouring stations. So, if you are setting aside Mary Wigham to start on your holiday, you are not alone. And if you are waiting to continue, just click here for Part 7 of the download.

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  1. How long will the downloads be available after all have been presented on line? I am trying to keep up with getting them but I see I am behind. I am one of those slow stitchers that have probably to much on her plate.