Thursday 28 August 2014

Samplers Down Under @ Auction

I often feel a bit bad and sad posting about auctions in the UK and the USA, knowing that everyone in the southern hemisphere is effectively left out. But here you are Australia! Mossgreen Auctions in Victoria, Australia have no less than 38 stunning samplers for you to enjoy. The auction is set for 14 September 2014 - a very auspicious day in my calendar! These darning pattern samplers are stunning The sampler above incorporates Quaker motifs in a traditional composition. And here are some early band samplers Below is an early German sampler This sampler below which is a composite of an earlier and later piece with the subject of the Judgement of Solomon is just thrilling.... For more details about this auction, click here.

Sunday 24 August 2014

Can You Solve the Mystery of the New Found Ackworth School Sampler - Nigel Butler, Wickersley Antiques

I had a lovely email from Nigel last week telling me about a new found Ackworth School sampler. The sampler comes with a slip of paper on which is the following text: I wish this to be given to Jane Kerchiss / MARY MAW BARBER ne BAYLDON / was born 24 December 1818 must have / been very young when she did this SP. Nigel says that he doesn't know when this was written but it was probably before or at the time the sampler was framed. (The sampler has been folded at some time perhaps after it was finished.) On the face of it - it all looks pretty clear cut. However, it isn't. There was no Mary Bayldon or Baildon or Mary Maw or Mary Barber at Ackworth School. The closest possible match I can get with the name is Louisa Maw from Gainsborough who was a scholar at Ackworth School 1826-1828. Both Louisa Maw and Mary Maw Bayldon came from Gainsborough - but I cannot trace a family link between them. Can you? Or perhaps there is a different way of solving this mystery. Nigel would appreciate your help. You can contact Nigel through his web-site - just click here.

Thursday 21 August 2014

SOLD Les Indiennes * £8 €12 $50 Shipping included (New Zealandf & Australia $55)

This is a French language hardback book of 64 pages in pristine condition - it is lovely!
There are 10 charts for patterns taken from Les Indiennes - which were imported cloths from India, very popular in the South of France from the 18th century onwards
and to this day they are seen in fashion stores like Souleiado.
The ribbon patterns are just a joy to work and you can combine them in many ways for many occasions.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

SOLD Schwalm Needlework * £12 €18 $55 Shipping Included (Australia and New Zealand $60)

This is a pristine jacketed softback book in Japanese
Schwalm needlework is just so beautiful and lends itself to many uses - and this book is full of really lovely projects
the ideas for bag decorations are inspired
along with more traditional projects such as wedding ring cushions for the big day.
All the patterns and working instructions are so detailed and clear - it is like having a teacher in the room with you
If only all needlework books had such clear instructions!

SOLD Hardanger * £12 €18 $55 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $60)

Another beautiful Japanese language book - this time a jacketed softback book in pristine condition.
There is a delight of needlework projects (is that the right collective noun for needlework projects - or do you know a better one?)
Again, many of the projects are small and very accessible to first-timers
The quality of the detailed working instructions is wonderful
and in spite of the language difference, the pictures speak for themselves.

SOLD Whitework * £17 €26 $75 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $80)

A very beautiful Japanese language jacketed hardback book in pristine condition.
This book has beautiful and achievable projects for Schwalm work
Drawn thread work
Ruskin lace
Exquisite Caslguidi
and Hebedo
This is a work not only of stunning photography - but also exemplary clear and detailed working instructions which really need no language.

SOLD Samplers & Designs + 16 Sampler Charts * £13 €20 $65 Shipping Included (New Zealand & Australia $70)

This is the hardback version of the book with 146 pages and is in pristine condition.
These samplers are in the collection of Lorraine Mootz, an American who lives in Germany.
It is an extensive collection of European samplers with many lovely and rare examples.
The book has a parallel German/English text
describing all the works. The German samplers below are great favourites of mine and there is a chart for the pink sampler below.
And below you can see a wonderful example of a black Vierlande sampler.

HEAD TO TOE: Accessorising the Georgians * Fairfax House, York, UK * Until 2 November 2014

Thank you to Jane in Yorkshire for telling me about this wonderful exhibition. York is a wonderful place to visit and this exhibition is the cherry on top of the icing on top of the cake! This exhibition ranges from shoes to bonnets, corsets to gloves, buttons to fans, revealing the visual splendour of Georgian Britain and through the beautiful accessories that accompanied, ornamented, adorned and sometimes underpinned the attire of fashionable 18th-century and Regency society. I am told there are even false eyebrows made out of mouse hair.......   For more details, click here.

Friday 15 August 2014

SOLD L'Alfabeto Fiorito * £15 €23 $60 Shipping Included (Australia and New Zealand $65)

I chose the Italian title for this book to save me dealing with the French e acutes! This is a softback full sized book of 96 pages in pristine condition.
As the title suggests there is a flower for each letter of the alphabet and the panel is worked as a mini sampler
these are just fabulous for creating stunning and different personalized gifts of needle-cases, pin-cushions of book covers
Also included are four mini samplers, one of which you can see above.