Tuesday, 12 August 2014

SOLD Traditional Scandinavian + Fair Isle Knitting * 2 Books * £13 €20 $65 Shipping Included (New Zealand & Australia $70)

2 traditional knitting pattern books from the 1980s by Sheila McGregor - hardback 140 and 160 pages in excellent condition.
I have long been fascinated by the cross-overs between knitted and embroidered designs
and if you look at this pair of pattern pages - just 4 from the 66 pattern pages in this book, I know you will not be slow to identify some Quaker sampler motifs from amongst them. This is such a fabulous source of pattern - not only for knitting, but also stitching, I cannot recommend it more for your reference shelf.
When I was travelling around Scandinavia, again I was confronted time and time again by lovely monochrome (often indigo-dyed) knitwear that used a simple raised purl to define sampler like designs
whether the patterns had been taken from embroidery - or whether knitting provided source for stitching, it is hard to say. I have seen a number of knitted samplers and they are simply wonderful.
Here you can see motifs that would not look out of place on a sampler
and look at these border designs below
- knitting, stitching or weaving - they were all interchangeable in the nimble fingers of our mothers and
This book has very interesting tales to tell as well as patterns to knit!

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