Monday, 11 August 2014

SOLD Poems of Colour - The Swedish Bohus Knitting Tradition * £10 €15 $50 Shipping included (Australia & New Zealand $55)

When the world and I were young, there used to be the most wonderful knitted presents given at Christmas - lovely colourful mittens threaded on yarn through your coat sleeves for snowballing, fair-isle bordered knee socks sometimes held up by elastic bands, which had decorative knitted tabs, berets - no not just berets - veritable clouds of cosiness that snuggled right down over your ears. And then the cardigans - oh joy oh joy - often over-stitched with berries and leaves which made you feel the most special of special small people.
This 144 page softback book in pristine condition is a joyful nostalgia trip - remembering all those wonderful knitteds we used to have - or longed to have.
In fact the fabulous Swedish Bohus designs were born in the depression of the 1920s and 1930s to give work to women so they could boost the family income by their labour.
This book is the story of the social conditions amongst women that brought about the birth and the struggle for survival.
While it documents the patterns and designs of Bohus, this is also a knitting book for today with a number of projects for cardigans
pullovers and gloves for you to make. Or maybe you will just be happy to look at the pictures and remember real knitting....

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