Monday, 11 August 2014

SOLD Folk Knitting in Estonia + Folk Socks * 2 Books * £25 €38 $60 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $66)

2 pristine softback books of over 110 pages each. I love Nancy Bush's books for the history and background as well as the very clear instructions for all nooks and crannies in glove, sock and mitten knitting.
The title page shows the rich content of this book.
Here are just a few of the wonderful projects
if you are worried about all those fingers - then start with mittens - they only have thumbs
and then enjoy making some decorative socks - maybe for the Christmas mantle-piece?
In this second book Nancy ranges far and wide across Europe - as well as through time - back to the first recorded stocking made.
I think we just need to see more of socks these days - when did everything go plain and beige and grey?
Something for the tootsies in bed in winter? The socks below are very much like the school socks my granny used to knit for me. She had very bad arthritis in her hands and did knitting as a sort of physiotherapy - but that was in the days when there weren't really very effective pain-killers. When I spent the afternoons with her after school, she would put down her knitting and pour cups of hot sweetened tea for us both. But just before she drank, she would produce a small flask and add a teaspoon of brandy to her tea. Sometimes mine!

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