Friday, 8 August 2014

SOLD Sajou Alphabets + Alphabets Anciens * 2 Full Size Books * £35 €55 $130 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $140)

2 books - both for you - or to share with a friend. These are full sized hardbacked books both in excellent condition and they are full of wonderful charted alphabets and much more.
The first book concentrates just on the old French Sajou pattern books - the little folding leporelli that now command large sums.
This book has no less than 50 charted alphabets all of different sizes
and they are most wonderful for personalizing presents. If you don't have the time to make someone a full sampler, then one of these beautiful initials will do very beautifully for you.
And there's no need to stop just at one alphabet - combine a few letters from different alphabets for maximum effect.
In addition to the charted alphabets, there are a number of motif and border charts.
In this book, Veronique Maillard spreads her net even wider and brings together a range of alphabets from many vintage sources.
Here you can see some of the projects which you might like to stitch for yourself.
We have just clipped the lavender in the garden back today and the scent is wonderful - it's always a welcome gift to make pretty heart-shaped lavender bags for friends' wardrobes.
Compose your own samplers using just a single letter from each type - it will be adorable - the alphabets are ranked according to size, so finding the right letter for the right space on your cloth is never going to be a problem.
Whoever would have thought that stitching alphabets could be so wonderful!

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