Wednesday 6 August 2014

SOLD Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly REPRINTS 1998 * 4 Magazines * £15 €25 $50 Shipping Included (Australia and New Zealand $55)

These 4 volumes of SANQ are black and white reprints, created when the original were no longer available in colour.
Now they are great sources of sampler history with articles on the stitching of Mary Queen of Scots and a study of Bess of Hardwick
How to mount and frame your samplers
Bodkins and bodkin cases and so much more...
There is an article on pockets and full making instructions so you can make your own
a lovely whitework sampler
quite a few sampler Christmas stockings for you to get ready for Christmas - when?
A close-up look at 17th century British embroidery
New designs by Merry Cox
A history of those fabulous pinballs
and of course, lots of charted samplers to stitch
and yes, another Christmas stocking....
and a sampler tea-cosy.....

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