Tuesday, 12 August 2014

SOLD First Edition 1867 The Linen Trade Ancient and Modern * £65 €100 $150 Including Shipping (Australia & New Zealand $160)

This is a 740 page hardback first edition in reasonable but venerable condition. The cover has taken most of the wear and protected the book within - which is an absolute gem of a book. There are no illustrations to show you - but here are the contents pages. This is the most comprehensive description of linen and everything to do with linen that you will every come across.
Here are some quotes for you: (In Egypt) no one was allowed to buried in a woollen garment, in consequence of it engendering worms, which would injure the body. After death the body was invariably enveloped in bandages of Linen, and this regulation accounts for the mummy cloths of even the poorest individuals being, in every instance, formed of that material. 
By act of Parliament in 1727 Every Weaver shall make all the Warp of every piece of Cloth of equal fineness, and the Weft of one Fineness, and proportionate to the Warp, and no piece of Cloth shall be made Coarser of Thinner in one place than another, and no Lint or Tow yarn shall be put in the same piece, upon pain of forfeiting their Security and being disabled to be a Weaver until new Security be found by him.

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