Wednesday, 13 August 2014

SOLD Couleurs d'Hiver * £16 €24 $60 Shipping Included (New Zealand & Australia $65)

We've just caught the tail end of Bertha - and while it doesn't feel like winter yet, we have had a preview. This is a pristine 96 page softback French/Italian language book with some super ideas for charming seasonal gifts and projects.
I made some gift tags last year on coloured perforated paper and they look so mmmmerry...
The Christmas trees can be stitched to make a panel, or as separate small projects...
These autumnal shaded animal decorations are going to look rather special at Thanksgiving or Hallowe'en (I'm not a great fan of witches and ghosts - but owls, I love!)
This Christmas alphabet can be made as a single project - or individually for gift tags or ornaments.
There is a lower case alphabet too
which can be built into names or greetings on sewing rolls or huswifs - so much choice, so much inspiration for treats with a difference.

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