Friday, 8 August 2014

SOLD Flower Alphabets + 2 Colour Alphabets and Borders * 2 Full Size Books * £35 €55 $130 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $140)

2 more gorgeous hardbacked French alphabet pattern books, both in very good clean condition.
This first book is now hard to find and perhaps the most beautiful pattern book I have ever seen.
These two colour patterns can be interpreted in any way you wish - it doesn't have to be red and blue as charted in the book.....
..though they do look really special worked in French red and blue as you can see here.
Again there is more to the book than just alphabets, there are borders and other patterns, some of which you can stitch up just as they appear on the page to make a delightful piece in its own right.
And there are any number of ways you can use the patterns, but decorated monograms make a gift so personal and special.
The second book includes many floral motifs as well as alphabets - all taken from those vintage leoprelli.
There are pages of patterns which can be stitched just as they are to great effect....
or you can select motifs and letters to build your own embellishments.
Look how simple but charming the little projects are that you can see above - projects for a quiet evening in.
And here are excerpts from some of the alphabets.

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