Wednesday 29 July 2009

In Female Worth this post could save you $230

In Female Worth & Elegance: Sampler & Needlework Students & Teachers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire is the title of a 155 page book on samplers produced in 1996 by Portsmouth (USA) Historical Society which has been out of print for sometime and copies are currently being advertised on Amazon and Abebooks for around $250.
The excellent news for us is that not only has this book been reprinted, priced $20, but there is also a wonderful exhibition to visit. Stitches in Time: Portsmouth Samplers 1760-1840 includes 33 samplers from the Portsmouth Historical Society's collection and the collection of Jean Sawtelle, thanks to a generous bequest from their Trustee, the late Merrilee Possner. The sampler you can see here was worked by Sarah Emily Currier in 1840 and is the Society's most elaborate and latest.
There will be Gallery Talks on Aug 29, Sep 26, Oct 31. And not only are there Gallery Talks to enjoy - but iced tea and cookies will be served also. And not only all that - you are invited to join with your needlecraft in the garden for Stitchery Wednesdays. (You know how I am always going on about taking your stitching to a museum......)
For more details about the exhibition click here. To obtain a copy of the book just click here .

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