Monday 31 August 2009

Basket Part 7 - the Base

Click here for the final download print item of your Basket Project. If you have been waiting to print all the downloads in one go, now is the time. This is the base and you simply print it out on thin card, or on paper and glue to thin card, and edge all the sides with bias tape.
Vaida creates a lovely finish for her basket prints by using a special craquelure lacquer, one for the base coat, and the second for top coat. She then takes some acrylic paint in contrasting colour and pats it into the cracks, so they become more visible. Next week we shall have a download for all the finishing.

if you have just found this project - don't worry - you can catch up with previous instalments by visiting the Needleprint Projects Blog.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the next part. I actually found some thin card stock which I was told would go through the printer(I've not worked with this yet). Alas, my wallet was empty, but at least I know where to get it now.