Saturday 1 August 2009

Needleprint Infinity Charts are Here Now

Your positive feedback has spurred us to create a new generation of charts for you: Infinity Charts. Why Infinity? Well, they will last to you Infinity, they will give you an Infinite number of creative ways to enjoy your chart, and they will have an Infinitely small carbon footprint - to boot!

No more coffee-stained or lost chart pages - you can print out replacement pages whenever you need them at a size that is most comfortable for you. No more wondering what a sampler would look like in a different colourway, no more unpicking or failed projects - just try your colours and changes out on the screen, discard them and try again until you are confident to go and buy your threads. No more having to pay expensive postage costs while wasting paper and card and inks and jet-fuel.

So this is what Needleprint Infinity Charts are - click here to read more. In the future we shall have entire motif libraries and fabulous Infinity projects for you to enjoy immediately, any time of night or day, weekend or holiday. And all you need is a simple piece of software. And to make it even easier for you, we are making that software available for you to download today together with an Infinity Chart of the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler - this is a fully customizable chart for you to edit, recolour, add initials to - whatever your heart dictates. The cost for the download of both software and Infinity Chart is $20. And once you have this download then you can open any of our other Infinity Charts which include, at the moment, The Beatrix Potter Companion and the Ackworth School Motifs Set. By the way, if you have already purchased the Ackworth School Motifs Set and bought your software to read them from elsewhere, then just email me by clicking the angel on the side-bar, and I will arrange a free download of the Infinity Beatrix Potter Sampler for you. Versions for MAC are coming very soon!


  1. Hola ...un saludo cariñoso desde España

  2. Wonderful news- I just sent my Paypal payment and am looking forward to checking all this out- even if it is my 2nd copy of BP!

  3. Hiya there, this is wonderful and such a gift. I must say that the generosity I've seen coming out of needleprint is amazing. It's so clear that this is done out of love for stitching and not money.

    I was a little confused about the recharting of the motifs though. You said they can be used for charity or sales ? What about copyright infirngment? If I make charts and sell them using the motis, wont you be losing out on monies made from the charts you have yet to come? Will you still have income to save and restore these lovely treasures if people are off using bits of them for their own use?


  4. If you use the motifs to create an original design of your own, then we are thrilled. Yes, you can do whatever you like with that. Needleprint has 3 aims:
    1. Make needlework from the past accessible and exciting to all
    2. Raise money for conservation and preservation
    3. Encourage needlework and needlework design.

    By sharing your designs and talking about the girls from Ackworth school you are keeping the story alive and ensuring people will continue to care in times to come.

    I am thrilled by all your positive feedback on this new level of accessibility we are providing. Thank you

  5. This is such a wonderful idea. I can't wait for the Mac version to become available so I can throw out the graph paper and pencil!

  6. Your spirit of goodwill and your desire to continue to pass on a bit of history truely humbles me. Mary and Sara and all the Akworth girls are so lucky to have you on their side, passing down parts of themselves through you...what a blessing.

  7. I got my downloads done, saved an "original" BP and am soooo looking forward to more charts being available.

    For those wondering, the process is quick, easy and totally painless. I haven't really played with the software yet, but having used other stitching/design software, it looks really user-friendly. I am looking forward to building a collection of charts that do not waste paper and do not take up space.

    This is a marvelous way to preserve the past while recognizing the environmental issues of the future. MANY thanks to Jacqueline for her incredible generosity and vision.