Tuesday 25 August 2009

Judith Hayle Composition Infinity Chart Now Available

Samplers are like jig-saw pieces now, scattered to the four winds. One of the objectives I had set my heart on when setting up Needleprint was to create greater access to sampler collections, so that together you and I might be able to start putting some of the pieces back together again to get a better picture of sampler making and the sampler makers. It is very exciting that this is now beginning to be realised and we have already identified many small groups of samplers which belong together.
It was my great pleasure to work with Edwina Ehrman of the Victoria and Albert Museum to publish the fruits of her research into the Judith (or Judah) Hayle group of samplers. This is such an exciting piece of research which brings together the samplers worked by 15 girls under the tuition of two dames, Judith Hayle and her daughter Rebecca Thomson, during the period 1691-1711. That so many samplers survived from this period is astonishing in itself, that Edwina was able by painstaking research to piece together the lives of the girls and the teachers is an extraordinary feat. In the sampler image you can see a fragment of Elizabeth Meadows sampler from the Museum of London. Look at the base and you will see the distinctive 'Judith Hayle Cartouches' - the one on the left hand side has Elizabeth's initials and on the right can be see IH for Judith Hayle.

At the time of publication, we did consider including a chart with the book and discovered, because all the samplers had been reproduced already, that would not be possible. However, we did create a composition chart which encapsulated the essence of the Judith Hayle samplers, but it was left on the cutting room floor since there was no space in the book to print it. Now thanks to the Infinity Charting Project, we can make this chart available as an Infinity download to add to your collection for £3/$5. You will be able to edit it, change initials - perhaps to your own - and recolour it, as well as being able to calculate the materials you need for your own specification of fabric and thread.

If you haven't already obtained the Judith Hayle Sampler book by Edwina Ehrman, then you can purchase the chart and book together (with postage included for the book) for £20/$40. Just click here for more details of both offers.
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  1. I just ordered this book today, along with the infinity chart. I am REALLY excited about the chart esp...I will, at some point, order the charts available for the Judah Hayle samplers, but until then I will content myself with reading the book. I have been wanting this book since it was published...SANQ magazine featured an article about the discovery of the Judah Hayle school, and that`s when I became fascinated (obsessed?) with these samplers. Thanks so much for making this available at such an affordable price!

  2. Absolutely lovely! I'mm looking forward to stitching this.

    Thank you for your research and work to provide stitchers with so much education and enjoyment.