Monday 3 August 2009

First Mary Wigham Completed from the Netherlands

We have seen Annie Koning-Jimmink's Mary as a work in progress - and now it is complete. To me it seems as though I have seen a child grow into a beautiful and graceful adult. Annie says: When Mary made her sampler, the map of the Netherlands looked like this. I live in a place where then only was water (the Zuiderzee), between the island of Wieringen and Medemblick. Then in 1930 land was reclaimed from the sea. We are perhaps more accustomed to seeing the map of the Netherlands shown vertically and rotated anticlockwise by 90 degrees. But sometimes seeing things at a slant helps us to see things we never saw before.


  1. I love the colors she chose- it turned out so beautiful!

  2. Intersting history about the Netherland map .... like very much her work, Congratulation!!