Monday 24 August 2009

Lillie Liu's Mary Wigham

The Age of Enlightenment as the later half of the 17th century and most of the 18th century is termed, is a period of history that interests me greatly because it was a time when accepted wisdom, inherited thinking and states of being were questioned, challenged and discussed freely. In England, particularly Birmingham, in the mid to late 1700s Dissenters took a lead in developing scientific and philosophical exploration and the name of Joseph Priestley immediately springs to mind. Unitarian Minister, scientific explorer and inventor, friend and correspondent of Benjamin Franklin and Antoine Lavoisier, lifelong friend of Darwin, Wedgewood, Watt and Wilkinson - to name just a few of his associates, Priestley was also a theosophist of sorts. This rich and fertile atmosphere permeated even the thick walls of Ackworth School. One of the texts on the Ackworth School Samplers is extracted from a book of esoteric wisdom. So Mary Wigham would not have felt out of place here in the company of Lillie Liu.
To say thank you to all who have participated in this wonderful SAL, we shall be releasing next week a Mary Wigham Infinity chart free to everyone. I hear that those who are working with the Infinity charts, which are in both Windows and Mac formats, are having a fabulous time. Look out for more details soon.

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