Thursday 6 August 2009

Needleprint Projects and Needleprint Infinity Master Classes

I have just set up two new blogs to help you.
The first new blogis Needleprint Projects where you will find all the projects posted here, but together so that you don't have to go hunting through lots of postings to find the downloads.
The second new blog is Needleprint Infinity and that is where we shall have our Infinity Charting Master Classes now that there are a lot of you using this. Go to this blog for regular tips and advice on how to get the best out of your packages and also to share your ideas, your designs and Infinite creativity.


  1. Great idea!! Thanks so much for organizing these. It's much easier than "hunting and pecking" for them :)

  2. I am amazed every single day when I come to this site and learn new things, the history tidbits and how simple you are making it for us to get involved. Thank you so much for your gracious way of sharing and insights to the past.......Susan