Tuesday 4 August 2009

A Tisket a Tasket - Time to Make a Basket

I haven't forgotten - here is the 3rd download for your basket project. Just to recap on what you need to do: Download the images, cut them out, age them as you wish, glue them to some thin card and stitch bias tape or ribbon round the sides and base of each individual piece (that is, not joining them together) leaving the tops open for now as they will be bound later. You can trim the binding flush to the top edge. Vaida from Lithuania has used a craquelure effect to age her pieces and perhaps she will give us some tips on how to achieve this effect.

So, thinking ahead, these are all going to be mounted on some nice fabric - you can start looking around for some posh moire silk or small Gustavian Swedish check in grey and white or beige and white. I am sure you will surprise me with even more beautiful ideas than I can imagine! You will need a piece of 16 inches or 40cm square. We shall work this project through in paper and then it will be a snip for you to make a similar stitched equivalent. In fact this is exactly what used to happen in the Lancastrian Schools (named after the Quaker educationalist Joseph Lancaster) in England. Girls first stitched paper, and when they could prove their proficiency they were rewarded by being given fabric to stitch - so do feel you are part of this tradition.

For the stitched basket projects we shall use colour schemes inspired by Christina and Yumi-san, and provided on Infinity charts which you will be able to customize to your heart's desire.


  1. Thanks for posting the third part. And so timely, too. Reminds me that I keep telling my friend that we have to give this a try as one of our get-together projects. Perhaps she will have the time next week...

  2. Just wondering if there will be an instruction sheet that we can print off? It would be of great help rather than try to read the instructions from the computer. From a grateful fan==Bonnie