Friday 7 August 2009

Free Download 6 Ackworth School Bookmarks

How can I resist when you ask so nicely! Here are beautiful Ackworth School Bookmark patterns for you to download. You need to find some nice perforated card to work with - perhaps in your local needlework store. I have a selection of lovely coloured cards I use and they come from France: Tokens and Trifles have some rectangular cards which you might also find useful.
To make the book mark is fairly straight forward - pick a pattern from the download and work it on the card. Do not clip it out at this stage, instead take it shopping for some lovely matching or contrasting ribbon. When you know the width of the ribbon you are going to use, then clip out your bookmark with a border that fits just inside the ribbon. It is quite simple with a craft knife and cutting board to cut decorative edgings. The bookmark you are looking at here was made especially for me by my good friend Joey, and I treasure it. You can see from the reverse then how she has attached the bookmark neatly to the ribbon.
So click here for your free download - you might find this easier to read from the screen as it is quite detailed. The English Grammar Book in the photo was written especially for the children of Ackworth School by the American Quaker, Lindley Murray.


  1. Thanks so much for such a terrific website and free downloads. I'm so glad I found you. I have only one more medallion left to finish my Mary Wigham and, if I can figure out how to do it, I will post a picture. Jean

  2. Jacqueline, Thank you for this chart and for all of the interesting and wonderful information you keep sharing with us. It is truly special.


  3. Joey must be a very nice person! I'm pondering whether your friend Joey is the same Joey I know... same initials! Funny.

    I love these bookmarks, and I love the resource for the perforated paper! They're brilliant! Thank you!

  4. Thank you for the bookmarks. They will make nice little gifts :)

  5. Thanks for always sharing! I'm always looking for small gifts for friends.

  6. Does anybody happen to know of a contact (preferably in the UK) where I could commission a cross-stitch gift for a friend?

    He's a great fan of Gilbert & Sullivan Operas, is gay and has just recently moved home. - I'd like to find somebody whom I could ask to prepare a piece that I have in mind for Christmas for him.....

    I did consider trying to do it myself, but being a typically ham-fisted male, I find that the intricacy of the work defeats me utterly!