Saturday 29 August 2009

Hooray for Erica

It is wonderful to see Erica Uten's talents on the front page of Piecework. For some of you who are new to Needleprint, Erica created a wonderful pattern book of Quaker pinballs and also the designs for the Quaker Post. She will shortly be starting work on a new Needleprint project - a lovely stamp album, featuring stamps of the sampler world. Erica's specialty is fine counted work and so it was a little surprise for her when I turned to her in desperation to see if she could help us recreate the miniature pinballs from Ackworth. Erica is never daunted and said she would try, although she had never done anything like this before in her life. Her first effort on minute pins was fabulous - but a little large. Her next effort was fantastic and I remember asking her to just knit 24 half that size and we would be away...... Reader, she did it!


  1. Is this magazine available in the UK?

  2. If you can't find this in the UK, look up Interweave Press and see if you can get a copy through them. There is also an article on Crewel vs Jacobean Embroidery.