Thursday 13 August 2009

Mary Wigham in Lace Finished!

From a chrysallis to an Asparan butterfly in day? No, Barbara has not been plying a red hot needle and burning the midnight oil in the last couple of days since you saw her white scheme - but this is perhaps close to what Barbara's sampler will resemble at the end of her stitching, and I hope it is an inspiration and guiding light to her and others who may be embarking in this direction. This sampler is from Aurore in France, though it will be a sampler for only a short time since she is planning to stitch a mirror image of it to make both into a bed-head. Yes! Fabulous way to go. I expect many of you are dreaming already of Mary Wigham in your sleep....can you see little white sheep turning into Tokens of Love yet?


  1. What a lovely delicate version of Mary but what is a bed head please?

    That is how I refer to my hair when I look particularly bedraggled in the morning LOL


  2. Looks so good in the one color. I can just image how it will look as a Headboard(I think that is what a bed-head is isn't it???)

  3. I hope she posts a picture when she's completely finished and it is up on the bed!