Saturday 8 August 2009

CHOZETSU Embroidery Exhibition at the Kobe Fashion Museum July 16th - October 12th 2009

I am introducing the special exhibit at the Kobe Fashion Museum in Rokko Island, CHOZETSU embroidery - Works from Europe, India, and Japan. To give you an idea of how wonderful this, CHOZETSU means a combination of ultra staggering, beyond imagination!
The naming CHOZETSU is extraordinary enough; here is the description of the exhibition.
The display features gorgeous and beautifully embroidered costumes: English gentlemen’s court costumes from 18th century in rococo style; 20th century haute-couture dresses from Paris, and Josephine Bonaparte's coronation robe.
Also on exhibit are flabbergasting works of fine embroidery from India, which has maintained a strong influence on European embroidery throughout history.
Japanese embroidery, which developed its own cultural style based on Indian and Chinese embroidery, is presented through the works of kimono artisans in the Azuchi-Momoyama era (c.1568-1603) and Showa era (April 25, 1926-January 7, 1989). You can take a peek at the exhibits from the Museum staff blog:
Click here to see Gentlemen’s court costumes and Josephine Bonaparte’s dress:
Yes, it is an extraordinary exhibition....and don't forget, you can also enjoy the display of fashionable costumes from different eras and costumes in the Permanent exhibition including Napoleon’s coronation costume.
In the museum, classes for sewing, basket bags, India embroidery and Japanese embroidery are being held. Entrance is free up to August 16!
Those of you who live in Kanai area, or plan to go there for summer break, please be sure to stop by. (Or book your flights now, says Jacqueline.) I plan to go this weekend, and it will not be the last time!
Please note that the two images are provided by courtesy of the Museum for use in Needleprint , Needleprint Nihon, Needleprint France blogs. Click on the images to see more examples.
Saho Nogi


  1. Thank you for taking us on this journey! It is so nice to visit from home and dream of some day visiting in person.
    Becky in WA