Monday 10 August 2009

Basket Project Part 4

Here is the fourth part of the basket project ready for you to download. There are 7 parts in total - 6 for the side panels and one for the base. As you can see from Luned, the side panels are straightforward to complete. Simply print out, age if you wish, fix to thin card (or print out on thin card), then edge around the sides and base with bias binding leaving the top unfinished. The two pieces are edged individually and are not joined in any way. You can glue, slip stitch or back stitch the bias tape, then just put on one side ready for the next instalment. Click here for your download.


  1. When I try to click on the download, it says the URL is not found.....?
    Margaret B

  2. My apologies, I missed out a space in the file you can download. Thank you very much for telling me.