Friday 28 August 2009

An Italian Mary Wigham goes Dutch

I have just spent an hour describing how Infinity charting can save time and tears when it comes to recolouring your projects. Next week there will be a free Infinity version of Mary Wigham available for you, so you can try for yourselves. Here you can see how boldly and brilliantly Head Girl in Italy, Giovanna, has departed from the original colour scheme, and that is no easy task. Giovanna says: 'my progress on this sampler is very slow, but I love it very much and cherish every scrap of time I can dedicate to it.'

And it is not surprising progress is slow when she has been taking a holiday in a rented cottage close to Lauwersoog in the north of the Netherlands - this looks the perfect place for watching life drift by


  1. Yay! So glad to hear there will be an Infinity version of Mary Wigham coming out. I bought the software already, so it will be nice to play around with options on Mary now. :) Thanks so much!!