Sunday 2 August 2009

Before Infinity Charts there was - Rhinoplasty!

Many thanks to Terri from PurplePaisleyBlogspot for so uniquely illustrating the painful alternatives to Infinity Charts. Imagine - this could be happening to an Ackworth squirrel near you! But you are not powerless to act - you are mighty! Not only can you move mountains, now you can also move stitches. No more radical frogging or resorting to shameful disguise.

By Jove! Talking of disguise, isn't that an Ackworth squirrel I see trying to make a run for it?


  1. Hahaha !! That is to funny ! I gave my sinister squirrel a nose job too. I posted over on the Aussie boards that to me he looked like he was thinkin' "Haha mother hugger I just stole your NUT mawhahahah "

    With infinity I could have gotten ride of the flying turtle too. :)

  2. I´ll be so carefull when I start the squirrel!!
    But your rhinoplasty is fantastic!! LoL!!!