Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Free Infinity Downloads of Mary Wigham

A little while ago Florence asked if she could have permission to adapt the Mary Wigham sampler to make a fund-raising postcard for her church. It is really kind when people ask permission to reproduce items, and I do appreciate the thoughtfulness in asking. The policy is that any unique newly created composition of Quaker motifs, using the Ackworth School Pattern Book, or other sampler charts is OK for personal and commercial use. We simply ask that people do not replicate for sale existing museum samplers - anywhere. It is totally unnecessary to do that. I really enjoy seeing the finished compositions, and so I was thrilled that Florence sent me an image of the completed postcard. I hope it does well for your church, Florence.
To thank you for all your support, you can now download editable Infinity versions of Mary Wigham. This means you can easily change and customize your charts. You do need the Jane Greenoff software (or MacStitch) to use these Infinity charts and you can purchase the software and a Beatrix Potter Infinity chart for $20 by clicking here. Then you will also be able to make the most of the other Infinity charts coming on stream like the Judith Hayle Composition chart.
Detailed tutorials to help you get he best out of the Infinity charts and software can be found on our blog Simply choose whether you want the over 1 or over 2 version and click the appropriate link. When you have done this, choose Save for the option and save the file in a folder with your other Infinity charts.
Mary Wigham Over 1
Mary Wigham Over 2


  1. I would love to add the Infinity Charts to my collection of Mac Stitch charts but the link at the bottom of this post didn't work and I don't see another 'email link' on the blog. You can find my e-mail in my profile or I'll be watching to see when you fix the email link for MacStitch charts.

    And thank you ever so much for thinking of us Mac People!

  2. Bless you, bless you Jacqueline for your generosity and time creating these. After purchasing the software & Infinity Quaker motifs from you,I've been slowly re-creating Mary's sampler using your pdf's as a guide. Good experience in motif manipulation, but it is rather easy to make a mistake -smile-. Now I can start playing with the colors & start stitching. Anyway, I thank you so very much, Di

  3. Thank you very much indeed for telling me about the broken link - I am so sorry - it is now fixed, Jacqueline

  4. I like your blog. I hope to be seized of Mary Wigham sample. I'm looking forward to all the wonderful posts and pictures!-Hong Kong