Saturday, 19 September 2009

Thank you Trisha Wilson Nguyen

I was thrilled to get a post card from Trisha that she sent from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The image on the card is a band sampler of 1687 stitched - purportedly - by Hannah Culleup (but I think the name is Cullcup - a Quaker name). Name apart, it is exciting because it is a dead ringer for the two wonderful Jennings' sister samplers in the Goodhart Collection at Montacute House. Trisha had a little tot up and believes that there are now 6 'sister' samplers in this series! Apart from the MFA and Goodhart cloths, there is a fragment in the possession of Erna Hiscock, a very similar sampler belonging to Siva Swaminathan and described by Dorothy Bromiley Phelan on page 30 of her book Point of the Needle, and one last fragment in the collection of Marsha Parker of The Scarlet Letter. Can anyone find Hannah Cullcup? Or Alice or Margaret Jennings?

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  1. exciting Jacqueline! And what a beauty this sampler is! Is there any place I could see a closer pic? Has anyone reproduced this or any of it`s sister samplers?