Thursday, 24 September 2009

Update on Tullie House Museum Sampler Download

The curator and I are still hoping to have the sampler collection at Tullie House in Carlisle available for you as a pdf download. Because this has never before been attempted in this country, a legal team has been called upon to examine the copyright issues and it is this that is, quite rightly, taking some time. I'll let you have more information as soon as I have it. In the meantime let us hope like Mary Lawson and admire her sampler of 1822. Mary's motifs display many features of samplers local to Carlisle - a blue fence and gate; arrangments of flowers with geometrically angular branching stems; and sailing a little off course through this flowery garden, a ship, perhaps in remembrance of a family member trading at sea.


  1. This is a beautiful sampler and one that I would love to do. I hope that the copyright issues are in our favor.

  2. I am sure that it will be worth the wait. I know that you will do whatever you have to do with in justifiable reason to make the download a reality. Keep the faith. Your blog is never a disappoint to me. You help keep my candle burning with ever post you share. God Bless you and the teams efforts. I will be praying and watching.

  3. Just between you and me, when I just sent you my post the posting code word was "sailable". I thought that was interesting since "ship's" sail and the project will be "sale-a-ble".
    Cute, yes?

  4. Jacqueline,

    That's such a darling sampler! I will definitely want to stitch it.

    Thank you for all your great work.

    Wendy Sheppard