Friday, 11 September 2009

Commemorating lives

Sandra Day O'Connor, former US Supreme Court Justice reminded us that our lives are not separate threads; they are inextricably woven within the fabric of many other lives. When I first saw the work of Marie-France Dubromel, it spoke directly to me. Her work, belying the worth of simple stitches, needles the elaborate winding cloths of our day to day life, the ones we use to bind that single fragile curl of breath upon which we hang, and recalls to us the preciousness of lives, simply lived. Aspire to beauty and technical expertise, but do not hold your breath as you do: create something your hands, eyes and imagination can easily accomplish. Begin today.
When one of two dies a part of the body of whoever remains is already dead.
Of the two hundred and thirty who were singing in the wagons when they left Compiegne on 24th January 1943, forty-nine returned, after twenty-seven months of deportation.


  1. I have no words to express the poignancy of these photos.

  2. I am always amazed at the creativity in this crazy world. This is so unique thanks for sharing.