Saturday, 5 September 2009

Sampler Detectives R Us

I hope you remember the French sampler by Marie Marguerite Claire Brun we looked at just two or three days ago, described to us by Gisela Creuzberg. At the end of her post Gisela remarked that the only mystery remaining concerning the sampler was the meaning of the word flea before the date on the sampler. In hardly no time at all Tchiérisu-san, a Japanese stitcher who lives near to the town of Orléans, in the beautiful Loire Valley in France, contacted us with a possible solution. Tchiérisu-san who calls herself Kamé which is Japanese for tortoise, on account of the fact that she is not a fast stitcher, was certainly very quick to open her Michelin map of the Angoulême area and find a place just to the west called Fleac. The owners of the sampler now believe this to be the origin of the word flea, and all we need to do is to find the address of the school to confirm it. And many thanks to Chantal, also who also came to the same conclusion and let us know.
I wonder what our next mystery will be? Are you ready?

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