Wednesday, 16 September 2009

New Infinity Release - Old European Library

I love patterns and as you know I am curious about the origins of patterns on samplers, so it goes almost without saying that I am totally besotted by old pattern books. I have collected many over the years from all around Europe. This precious little book of Old European patterns was first published in Leipzig in the 19th century and I was very lucky to be in the right place at the right time to acquire it. Now the patterns are available for you, no waiting, no fumbling with train time-tables in the rain, simply click here for an editable Infinity Old European Library chart to download and customize for yourself. The price is $8/£5.


  1. Can we assume, now, that you will state in your post if new designs are available in the MacStitch format? This is another one I'd love to have!

  2. Hi Yoyo, I have a mac and get everything that Jacqueline puts out and it downloads and prints fine. Now I can't give you any technical details why this is as I am technology challenged. If it doesn't work I just yell Jacob (my son) and he comes and does things and hey presto it works.

    Jacqueline, I was just looking in my wip cupboard and thought no more and you go and present the above. So my heart that rules the head ignored reason and hey presto I was on paypal before I knew it. LOL

  3. Do the infinity files work on Jane Greenoff's software. I love using that and so don't really want to by the Infinity software if I can help it.

  4. Thank you for your question Jayne. I am delighted to hear you love using Jane Greenoff's software.Yes, the Inifnity charts work with Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch Designer (or Designer Gold) on PC or MacStitch on Mac.

  5. Hello,

    First let me say I LOVE this blog. My question is what exactly is Infinity? There are some patterns I would love to buy and download but I need to know if it requires special software. Is that what Infinity is? Sorry but I'm technically challenged.


  6. Thank you for your question Mari. The Infinity charts are either a pdf download, or you can have an editable version which you can read with either Jane Greenoff Cross Stitch Designer on PC or MacStitch on Mac. If you have a PC you can purchase the Beatrix Potter and Infinity Starter Kit which comes with the Jane Greenoff software and a chart ready for you to start to enjoy right away. Just scroll down the righ hand bar until you see the graph with the title Beatrix Potter Chart and Infinity Starter Kit $20. Once you have the starter pack then you can download Mary Wigham for free and start to build up a lovely library of motifs for you to create your own designs. Just click on the angel on the right hand bar if I can help you with more queries.