Monday, 21 September 2009

Beautiful French Basket Finish

Another stunning basket finish - this time from Aurore in France. I hope that working with the card has been a useful exercise in understanding the construction of the baskets, so that when we come to start the stitched example you will be feeling very confident about how to progress. In a way we are following the Lancastrian system. Joseph Lancaster, a Quaker, formulated a process of instruction for larger classes. One of his innovations, along with those of Dr Bell, was to employ the monitor system. The teacher organized and managed the class, while senior or more competetent students, the monitors, took on the role of what we would call today classroom assistants. And in schools following the Quaker Joseph Lancaster system of education, each stage of needlework taught was completed first using paper. Only when the student had demonstrated her proficiency was fabric allocated to her for stitching.


  1. Hi,
    I'm sorry to be dim, but what is the difference between 'stitching and with fabric' and what has been described so far in the instructions?
    I never did understand how fabric was used in the last set of instructions either.
    I'm sorry to be a bother - I just seem to be missing some elemental information about this project, although I've read everything I can find in this blog,
    best regards

  2. Our first project used printed card for the sides and the base. The new project has sides and base which are stitched on linen. For more details see the Needleprint Projects blog - I hope you will join us stitching this new project.