Sunday, 20 September 2009

Thank you Donna Dzierlenga for Finding Hannah Cullcup and the Jennings Sisters!

I am so excited to return home to find that Donna has uncovered the identities of Hannah Cullcup and the Jennings Sisters - they all come from Quaker families. Here are Donna's findings in her words:

Hannah Culcup, the daughter of Gideon and Elizabeth Culcup, was born in 1674. If this is your Hannah, she was ten years old when she stitched her sampler. Her birth is listed in the register for the monthly meetings in Wheeler Street in Spitalfields, London [RG6/1102]. Note that the spelling of her surname and her father's given name vary quite a bit in the records and their transcriptions. Hannah's father is among those listed in Besse's A Brief Account of Many of the Prosecutions of the People Called Quakers [1736] as having been prosecuted for the nonpayment of tithes in Middlesex in 1709. Elizabeth Culcup is one of the signers on behalf of the women's meeting of a testimony about the life of Ann Whitehead , reprinted in Piety Promoted by Faithfulness Manifested by Several Testimonies Concerning Ann Whitehead (George Whitehead, 1686). Hannah married in 1706 [RG6/0496].

The Jennings sisters are probably the daughters of Isaac and Mary Jennings of London. Alice Jennings was born in 1683 [RG6/0498]. She married in 1704 [RG6/0497]. Her birth and marriage are listed in the registers belonging to the Quakers in and about the Cities of London and Westminster in the County of Middlesex and the Borough of Southwark in the County of Surrey, as is Hannah's marriage. I haven't been able to locate a record of Margaret's birth, but Henry Jennings (b. 1642 in Surrey; d. 1706 in Philadelphia), son of William and Mary Jennings, left property by will to his uncle Isaac Jennings of London and to Isaac's daughter Margaret.

By Donna Dzierlenga

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