Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Alpursa Chocolate Cross Stitch Patterns

Cross stitch patterns in bars of chocolate is a sublime combination. In fact I keep buying chocolate bars just to check that I am not missing anything. The sad fact is that this wonderful marketing campaign hasn't been run in the last 80 years. Alpursa was founded in 1892 in Berne (Switzerland) to create and sell milk of the Bernese Alps. In 1931 the company renamed itself Allgaeuer Alpine Milk. So these delightful little album items are very rare and I was very lucky indeed to find them in the Czech Republic a few year s ago. I thought it sad that the pages had been ripped unceremoniously out of a treasured album for sale. When I looked at them, I could still see traces of pencil marks where a child had worked on adding to the graphs. It is past my bed time here because I have been working on an Infinity Set for you which will also include facsimiles of the cards themselves so you download them, print them on nice card and create an album of your own. And I thought it would be nice, too, to be able to print them out and use them as gift tags, or scrap-book items, so we'll have a special version of them for that purpose too. The next time you are rootling through your stash and you find some spare hours that no longer need - just email me them, would you, please?

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  1. They look wonderful...sending a few hours to you..............................