Monday 23 February 2015

This Week Is The Final Hoorah - Not Without a Tear....

This is the last week of selling my personal book collection. The Needleprint warehouse is empty and the keys handed over. Time to close. What a thrilling 10 years of adventure it has been - the most memorable part has been the thousands of people I have met from all around the world. Thank you all for making Richard's and my journey such a happy and fulfilling one.


  1. What a pleasure it has been to visit your site over some several years...I actually cannot remember when I first discovered the treasure to be found here.

    I am delighted to have been able to acquire the Christmas stocking patterns you offered last December.

    How I do hope that you will continue to let us see a post from you every now and then in the future. Meanwhile, many thanks for all that you have shared with us.


  2. Thank you Richard and Jacqueline for all your wonderful posts over the last 10 years. We have learnt so much. I have all of your wonderful books and I quite enjoy sitting down and pouring through them. I wish you both well. - Sandra.

  3. Thank you for everything you have done over the last ten years. My small library is the richer for finding this site. Although my wallet is not!
    I too hope you will find time to post sometimes, maybe about new exhibitions or sampler finds?

  4. Has it only been 10 years? It seems longer, and at the same time, it went by in a flash! Know that you have made the sampler world much, much the richer for your having stepped up and filled a very real need. We love you.