Tuesday 17 February 2015

SOLD 3 For the Price of 1 * Lovely Cross Stitch Pattern Books * £27 €45 $95 Shipping Included (Australia & New Zealand $100)

This French hardback sampler pattern book in excellent condition with 20+ charts for you to stitch.
The charts are predominantly in red and white, though there is the odd departure such as the one below.
Red and white samplers are truly in the French blood and no-one designs them better.
These are small to medium projects which you could probably work in a week of evenings
to delight yourself - and maybe friends if you are generous and part with them as gifts.
A really lovely pattern book in every sense.
Over 60 pattern pages and more than 80 angels for you to enjoy in this as new pattern book by French designer Valerie Lejeune.
Valerie is well loved in France and around the world for her charming designs which can be incorporated into small and large projects
Super for Valentine's Day - lovely when worked in white on a darker linen.
The second book is in good used condition and features more than 40 pages of patterns and motifs collected by Irmgard Gierl from historical designs. There is a description and origin of each motif.
This display of blossom in a vase is from Graz in Austria
The design above with stags is taken from a piece in the Segantinimuseum in St Moritz, Switzerland and the unicorns below are from an anonymous old pattern book. 

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