Friday 6 February 2015

SOLD 3 Quilt Books (Set 1) * £13 €28 $75 Shipping Included

The first softback book of 176 pages is the most comprehensive book on hand applique in quilting. There are patterns for 29 beautiful blocks which lead from the simple to the more ornate designs.
Using the freezer-paper (available on eBay) template method these beautiful designs are achievable by everyone.
Here you can see the very clear diagrams for making your own quilt.
This book is in excellent condition.
The miniature quilts involve more embroidery. This softback book of patterns is 96 pages is in good condition.
If you don't feel up to undertaking a major quilt project - or you just don't have room! These miniature quilts are a delightful opportunity for you to create something small and delectable.
Again all patterns and techniques are clearly diagrammed.
Finally there is a book of museum postcards for you to keep or send
There are 24 cards all with provenance and descriptions perforated for you to detach.

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