Monday 2 February 2015

SOLD 5 Assorted Textile Books * £8 €25 $55 Shipping Included

All these books were preowned when I collected them. They are all in acceptable or better condition.
This first book is by Santina Levey who was with the V&A Museum in London for 20 years, the last 9 years of which she was Keeper of the Department of Textiles there.
Also from the V&A is this little classic of Elizabethan embroidery
The illustrations are in black and white but there are superb images of women's coifs
and embroidered men's caps.
Needle-made laces has excellent and practical insights into the making of laces found on white samplers as well as covering many other aspects of this precious art.
I wish there were more biographies of shops. Since Liberty's was once like a second home to me, I loved this book for all the historical insight it provided.
The late 1960s and early 1970s saw a great Art Nouveau revival and Liberty's of Regent Street in London became the Mecca again (for a while at least) of all those who loved these fabulous designs.
This last book is literally the history of textiles in a beautiful nutshell. It is hardback with over 300 pages and around 100 black and white photographs and some colour illustrations also.

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